Venetian Fencing from your local fencing company

Our handcrafted venetian fencing panels are a stylish form of contemporary fencing which provide a lighter, more spacious feel to your garden, courtyard or outdoor space.

Made from high-quality softwood to ensure longevity, each venetian fencing panel is built within a framed system to create perfectly aligned individual horizontal mounted slats to allow light through. Each rounded slat is mounted to a perimeter frame and reinforced with additional vertical battens. Full height venetian fencing slatted fence panels provide additional privacy and security to create partitioning. The advantages of venetian fencing panels go beyond improving light conditions and creating isolation. As a local fencing company, Tatton Fencing can create shorter venetian fencing panels and installing this type of fencing as a ‘topper’ to add additional height and privacy to existing fencing and walls.

This particular style of contemporary style of fencing is on of our most popular designs. Our FSC certified timber has been pressure treated with preservative to protect the timber from decay, rot and battling everyday weather elements.

As a local fencing company who specialise in venetian fencing installation across Cheshire, we can easily and quickly install your chosen fencing. Along with working for bespoke developers, we continue to contribute our services to new builds and renovation projects.

Did you know Tatton Fencing environmentally committed? As a local fencing company, we want to leave the smallest footprint possible on the environment. Nearly all of the timber we use is fully FSC certified and sourced from the UK, including our venetian fencing.

Please do not hesitate to contact your local fencing company. For further information, or a no-obligation quote, please contact Tatton Fencing.

 Why choose venetian fencing?

  • Stylish contemporary fencing for creating light/air to pass through all year round
  • Great for creating partitioning, privacy, security or storage areas.
  •  Treated with preservative to guarantee protection from decay and rot for a number of years.
  • FSC certified, our timber is sourced from FSC certified forests or from postconsumer waste.
  • Can be implemented to existing fencing and walls to create more privacy

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