Tatton Fencing Ltd Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you have read and fully understand all of the below terms and conditions. By accepting any quotation, you are bound by all of the terms and conditions listed below:

1.0 Planning permission may be required for any fence. Tatton Fencing Ltd will not be held liable for any agreed quotes that have not adhered to correct planning procedures as it will be deemed that the client has adhered to all planning regulations. It will be the client’s responsibility to rectify any job to adhere to planning regulations if required at a later date which may include commissioning Tatton Fencing Ltd to make any job compliant going through a full quotation process.

1.1 All of our work is covered by a 12 month materials and labour warranty unless you complete the post job questionnaire form which gives you a 2 year labour warranty (terms apply).

1.2 If you have painted or stained a product, you may lose your labour and/or your materials warranty on that product.

1.3 Tatton Fencing Ltd must have access to power and water whilst on site.

1.4 Plants and shrubbery may get disturbed or damaged if in close proximity to any area Tatton Fencing ltd are working near. Even though the upmost care will be taken, Tatton Fencing Ltd cannot be held responsible for replacing damaged plants or shrubbery due to the nature of the job.

1.5 Tatton Fencing Ltd cannot be held responsible for any concrete posts or base panels that have visible cracks in after installation as these materials are brittle and can be damaged in transit.

1.6 All clients should be aware that timber is a natural product and so will crack, split, warp and fade over time, therefore Tatton Fencing Ltd cannot be held responsible for this.

1.7 Panels that are installed into concrete posts will rattle after they have been installed. This is due to the timber shrinking as it dries, allowing more room between the posts.

1.8 Venetian fencing battens are prone to warping and splitting, especially in areas that receive a high concentration of sun exposure. Tatton Fencing Ltd cannot be held responsible for battens that warp or split as timber is a natural product.

1.9 Timber infills installed, to fill gaps where panels stick above posts, may not be a colour match to the new panel installed. Infills are only used to fill the gap and therefore may not be suitable if you are wanting a neat looking finish. Infills consist only of a 4 inch x 1 inch timber batten that covers the gap above the post by fixing to the panels and nothing else is used.

2.0 Featherboards and featherboard panels in particular have knots that can fall out leaving small holes in the fence which Tatton Fencing Ltd cannot be held responsible for.

2.1 Gates must be kept locked at all times in order to help prevent any warping.

2.2 All fencing materials are rough sawn unless stated otherwise.

2.3 All fencing will step or slope with the gradient of the land.

2.4 If the client changes their mind on the agreed fencing materials after delivery, there will be an exchange fee of at least £100+vat.

2.5 If any job is reduced in size or is postponed or cancelled less than 5 days before the work is scheduled to commence, the full labour cost may still need to be paid by the client to Tatton Fencing Ltd.

2.6 Any ground will need to be at the required level prior to any fence being installed – Tatton Fencing Ltd cannot be responsible for building the ground level to suit and will install the fence at the current ground level as this is what the materials such as post lengths have allowed for. If the fence is to be installed leaving a gap underneath then additional costs may apply.

2.7 All neighbours must be notified of any fencing work by the client at least 1 week prior to Tatton Fencing Ltd carrying out any work.

2.8 It might be the case that certain materials won’t be available in time for your job due to unforseen circumstances. If this is the case then we may have to rearrange at very short notice.

2.9 All fencing will be installed on the same line as any old fence that has been removed by ourselves, unless stated otherwise. If there is a specific line that the client wants the new fence to take, this must be clearly marked out prior to our arrival.

3.0 Any boundary lines must be agreed by the client with all necessary neighbours prior to Tatton Fencing Ltd starting any job.

3.1 Additional costs may be incurred due to lost time if any disputes occur with neighbours regarding boundaries or fence type etc whilst Tatton Fencing Ltd are on site.

3.2 Tatton Fencing Ltd cannot be held responsible for damaging any buried services unless they have been pointed out prior to working or clearly marked.

3.3 If an item is not on the quotation the client has received then it has not been included in the cost even if it was discussed during a site visit.

3.4 Tatton Fencing Ltd cannot be held responsible for a wall that falls down or breaks that we are working on or near as we are working under the instruction of the client and will be deemed that the wall is totally structurally sound for Tatton Fencing Ltd to work on or near. Tatton Fencing Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage to any wall or other structure, even if Tatton Fencing Ltd has said the work can go ahead.

3.5 All posts spacings can vary and may not be the same so it is up to the client to specify if any particular post spacing is required. Even if we have completed a job previously with a certain post spacing, we may use a different post spacing to suit the new job if that is required.

3.6 Tatton Fencing Ltd cannot be held responsible for the integrity of any existing fences we attach new fencing to.

3.7 All pictures sent on email or text by Tatton Fencing Ltd may not reflect the true colour of the actual product as the colour may vary in different light.

3.8 Any additional extras in pictures such as gate furniture and locks etc. are just for illustration purposes and may not be included in your specific quote unless requested or stated.

3.9 Tatton Fencing Ltd are not qualified to work on or with electric gates and cannot be held responsible for electrified gates not working properly after we have replaced a gate that is connected to an electrified system.

4.0 Any issues that arise with any fencing or gates that Tatton Fencing Ltd have installed may have to be taken up with the manufacturer if a certain amount of time has passed.

4.1 It is not permitted to have anything leaning against a new fence such as soil or anything else and this may invalidate any warranty

4.2 Any price per meter previously given may increase if the amount of work has been reduced

4.3 All quotations expire after 30 days but this may be 7 days in some instances.

4.4 All quotations are plus VAT unless stated otherwise.

4.5 Full payment is required upon completion of quoted work.

4.6 Interest may be payable on late payments.

4.7 All materials supplied for any client remain the property of Tatton Fencing Ltd until payment is received in full.

4.8 If payment is not received within 30 days of an invoice being sent then you agree to allow Tatton Fencing Ltd to enter your property to remove any materials that have been installed.

4.9 All deposits are non-refundable.

5.0 Any complaints must be raised no more than 7 days after completed work.

5.1 Tatton Fencing Ltd reserve the right to charge for any quotations where the client has requested multiple quotations and has not gone ahead with the work.

5.2 Please also read the following terms and conditions if you are going ahead with any of the Wortley gates we offer: https://www.wortleybrotherswoodengates.co.uk/terms-conditions

5.3 The two year warranty is only applicable if you have completed the post job questionnaire form. This covers labour for anything that may need adjusting during the 2 year period. It does not cover any material costs as these would be covered by the manufacturer with whatever warranty they have which can vary. Force majeure may void any warranty. It also doesn’t cover: the warping of timber as timber is a natural product and will shrink, swell and twist with the climate, knot holes that appear in any fence, fences that lean due to earth being placed higher on one side and fences or gates that have been painted. Any warranty claims will be treated on a case by case basis. The 2 year extended labour warranty will only be applied if the questionnaire form is completed no more than 14 days after the invoice date. The extended labour warranty does not apply to commercial jobs.

5.4 Cybercrime and fraud alert: Please be aware that we will never send notifications of changes to our bank details by email. Fraudsters have been impersonating businesses to try and trick them into forwarding payments to them. If you receive an email that appears to come from us, providing different bank details to the ones we already supplied or indicating a change in our bank details, please contact us immediately. Do not reply to the email or act on any information contained in it. We will not accept responsibility if you transfer money into an incorrect account.

By accepting any quotation from Tatton Fencing Ltd you are bound by all of the terms and conditions listed above.